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Hi there! This is Hikari Green. I build this blog since I wanna let many people know more about Japanese Otaku related stuffs. I am over 20years Otaku and at the same time 17years Cosplayer. I have seen so many Otaku and Cosplayer friends and they asked me lots of...

Otaku Word: Fujoshi

Fujoshi is well known word right now and it means the girls who loves BL (Boys Love, Bishie Love). These girls likes the Anime/Manga with many good looking guys, such as The Prince of Tennis, Utapri, Hetalia….. They really like to imagine by shipping XD

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Hello, I'm Hikari Green. Feel free to contact me!

日本人のヒカリです☆Japanese Cosplayer in Tokyo. Cosplay for 17yrs and Otaku for over 20yrs. Also Institutional Investor who have been to over 50 countries so far and can speak Russian/Indonesian a little too. wanna make friends with many people from other countries!(*^_^*) Feel free to contact me!