Appearing on regulary on Japanese TV program feat. Crunchyroll

This is the photo when I was on TV which is related to Anime/Manga featured with crunchyroll , then I was there as cosplayer...

Won the Competiton by Tokyo gov. as Cosplayer Entrepreneur

Hi and happily I won and selected by Tokyo gov. as entrepreneurs of cosplayer! Took photo with Tokyo governor Ms.Yuriko Koike and other representatives! これも遅くなりました、東京都主催の起業家コンペにて選出され、小池都知事の前でプレゼンした後に他の選出者の皆様と撮影しました。皆様には感謝です☆

Makeup Tutorial on Kawaii Pateen Youtube Channel

I gladly introduce my Cosplay Make-up Tutorial Video as Izumi Sena on Kawaii Pateen with over 400k subscribers! Hope it helps! これも遅ばせながら、一部上場企業さん運営のsubscriber40万人超のYoutubeチャンネルでコスプレメイク動画のお仕事をしました!!

Media: Nikkei Quick with my article as Investment Banker/Cosplayer

My article about financial/cosplay career was on one of the most popular traditional Japanese/Financial News source, Nikkei Quick! (Japanese Article) Surprisingly my own article was...

British Neo Magazine with my Articles on Booksores!

Well, I gladly let u know that I was on the British Neo Magazine which was released months ago, I hope u still can...

My Atricle was on the most famous Fashion/Fabric News Magazine, Senken

So happy that My article was on Senken Newspaper as below, which was No.1 in fashion/fabrics/department related areas with longest history in Japan! 遅ればせながら繊研新聞にも金融女子コスプレイヤーとしてブランド起業の記事が載りました。本当に感謝です!

Selected 100 brightful women in Japan on Forbes Japan

And also I was selected on Forbes as 100 rightful women in Japan as entrepreneurs/ cosplayers! あと、これも遅くなりましたが、紙媒体の #Forbes の輝く女性100人と言うところに載せてもらってました! そして実は間もなくフォーブスで定期的なコラム連載もやる事になりました☆