Travel: America -California- (2005)

At last as my travel in US, I wanna write about California^-^
Actually I luv the song of “Hotel California” by eagles stronglly…..!!!
I went there to see my friend in Californian Univ.
I stayed her flat with and I talked her Indonesian room-mates by my funny Indonesian(lol)and, I enjoyed to be in there…!!!

Went to Fisherman’s Worf and Golden gate Bridge, I went almost all to see in California…I think.
And now everytime I remember Macross when I remind the landscape from Cable-car in the city there…

My friend is really kind girl and she showed me around in California for a day all with me!
And at night, we talked a lot in her flat….!
She is my Dear friend for long and she’ve ever helped me a lot…..thank you sooooo much and I really luv her!!!! XDDD

Nov, 2005

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