Travel/Job: China -Guanzhou- (2010)

China, I went during the New-year holiday on my job.
China has their own New year on Feb and different from us, so no need to worry about the closing facilities there.
I went to Guanzhou, but not so many people can speak English nor Japnanse.
I try to speak Chinese which I studied in my university, and finally communicate a little^^

Subway in Guanzhou. This is quite new but it’s too much crowded when the time people leave and being back to their home.

When I go to hairsalon on the night, they arrange my hair by 600 yen (6 US$)….sooo reasonable!
Guanzhou is more calm than Shanghai and people are so kind^^
I wanna go to Shanhai, at the next time!! X333

Jan, 2010