Media: Nikkei Quick with my article as Investment Banker/Cosplayer

My article about financial/cosplay career was on one of the most popular traditional Japanese/Financial News source, Nikkei Quick! (Japanese Article)

Surprisingly my own article was on Nikkei quick which is one of the most popular traditional Japanese financial newswire. I was there since I am cosplayer but on the other hand financial professional in one of the biggest financial institutions and works for 10 years as institutional investor/economist of financial elite and professional.
And this article has been the most popular and read then for months, it makes me happy since I do not want to make border between Cosplay/ Financial Professional.
I am doing cosplay/financial career both 10+ years but I feel proud of them both and again I love cosplay so much!!


日本人のヒカリです☆Japanese Cosplayer in Tokyo. Cosplay for 17yrs and Otaku/Fujoshi for over 20yrs who have been to over 50 countries and can speak Russian/Indonesian a little too. Here will introduce Japanese Nihongo in Otaku/Fujoshi/Cosplay way in English, anytime welcome to have any questions!