Otaku/Fujoshi: To Express Favorite “P and Tan” Pと担

To Express Favorite “P and Tan” Pと担. XX P/ XOX Tan, this is common word used not only female otaku Fujoshi but used by male otaku.
You must remember that I already told that there is the word meaning “Oshi”.
Oshi is really useful and commonly used word, but also we have similer expression to Oshi. That is P and Tan.

You can see that Tan is used mostly for the Idol characters. So for example, Utano Prince Sama, Lovelive, Idolmaster Ensemblestars…… And it is not used for other kind of comics such as Sports comics or Love comics.
And also for P, P means producer, and we call that shorter and get that to P.
So when you use the word P instead of Oshi, it indicates that you yourself are producer of that your favorite character. And more to say, this word can be used both between Male otaku and also Female otaku.

You can see more on that video:

So we can make practice and understand how to use.
“Watashi ha Ichinose Tokiya Tan desu.”
This means “My favorite is Ichinose Tokiya”. Watashi means I and Ichinose Tokiya is the character from Utapri, so in this case we use Tan to express the favor.
“Watashi ha Ryuseitai P desu”
This means “My favorite unit is Ryuseitai”. Ryuseita is male idol unit in the game Ensemblertars.
You know also female idol games for male otaku such as Idolmaster which makes player to be Producer, P. So more male otaku use this word P than Tan.
For that Idolmaster, the player is to be producer as well to produce the idols, so also that we use P to show the favorite.

You know Japanese people take much importance on the distance at first met to be closer friends, so hope you understand this kind of expressions and make it use!