Experiences in Malaysia – Anime News Network’s Article –

As some of my dear friends know, my detailed experiences of Malaysian detention was on Anime News Network (ANN).
Actually I have got trauma because of that incident and I did not want to cosplay at all for a while.
It is one of the most biggest News Media in Europe/US for Anime/Manga fan people.
Thank you for amazing interviewers and also ANN editor and all dear friends who helped to give comments as relative people on that incident, I think it is one of the most detailed and thorough article for what happened when I was detained with cosplay though I was totally innocent.
And in fact during preparing this article, also there was some incoherent between what detainee (including I) and the top of the organizer, hope I can tell about that later on here on Blog or even on Youtube, with the official comment from the top of Japanese embassy who mainly negotiated with Malaysian immigration to release us, thank you in advance to all (;_;) It was such a hell…..!!
*Locked Up for Dress Up: Cosplayers Recount Harrowing Week in Malaysian Prison*

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